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Ten NFL fans told to quarantine after coming into contact with infected fan at Texans-Chiefs opener – CBS Sports

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There were only two teams in the NFL that had fans in attendance for the opening week of the season and one of those teams is asking nearly a dozen fans to go into quarantine this week after learning that there was a fan infected with COVID-19 at its game. 

The Kansas City Chiefs announced on Thursday that 10 fans have been told to go into quarantine for potentially being exposed to COVID-19. According to the Kansas City Department of Health, the infected fan watched the Chiefs’ Sept. 10 opener against the Texans from box seats at Arrowhead Stadium. The fans who are being asked to quarantine were all sitting in the same “pod” as the infected fan. There were a total of 15,895 fans in attendance at the stadium with all fans being separated into their own pods to prevent an outbreak. 

“The individual and the individual’s group were seated in the lower level of the stadium,” the Chiefs said in a statement. “By design, the stadium’s COVID protocol plan limited potential exposure to a single seating zone within the stadium. All staff with known interactions with the positive case were required to wear personal protective equipment (PPE), including a mask. Additionally, the protocols in place at the stadium require all attendees to be wearing masks inside the stadium.”

Although a fan tested positive for COVID-19, the Chiefs and the Texans made it through the game without any positive tests. According to ESPN.com, all player tests came back negative following Kansas City’s 34-20 win. However, a groundskeeper at the game did test positive, but he wasn’t near any players at any point during the game.  

The Chiefs were one of just two teams, along with the Jaguars, that had fans in attendance in Week 1. The NFL allowed each team to set their own attendance policy with the understanding that the policy would have to follow local healthy guidelines and protocols. There are expected to be four teams with fans in attendance for Week 2 and there’s no doubt that the other teams in the NFL will be watching each situation closely. If fans can avoid the coronavirus while in attendance, then there’s a chance that every team will start allowing fans to show up to home games at some point this season. 

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