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Stephen Weatherly: The NFL's most interesting player – Panthers.com

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“I’m also working on a robotics program with Amazon — like Lego League. And I’m working on a financial literacy program for high schoolers because I think it’s important to introduce the concept of money and how to be efficient with it before you actually get it.”

It all comes off as is a lot for one person, but Weatherly doesn’t think he’ll be overextended. Some of that comes from what he’s heard about some former players, who have felt lost after retirement.

“There are a lot of hours in the day, and I try to take advantage of them as much as possible,” Weatherly said. “The time exists. I’m just efficient with it.

“So when this major piece of my life that you asked about, football, happens to come to an end — hopefully further down the line than sooner — that’s a big chunk of my time gone. So what’s gonna take that chunk?”

Weatherly, who turned 26 in March, currently sees football as his life’s work, to be sure. But playing the game doesn’t define him.

“Football is a major part of my identity, but it’s not all of it,” Weatherly said.

“It is an overwhelming majority of it. And I want it to be — because clearly, it’s opening doors and I get the opportunity to come out here and potentially win a championship for the organization and do so much to provide for my family — my loved ones, my mom, my grandma. So it is my life, it’s my identity. But I also have other things to support it.”

So call him weird if you want. He says it about himself. And there aren’t many who can cram all he can into a day, a week, a month, a year.

But all the things that make Weatherly different make him arguably the most interesting player in the NFL.

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