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NBA: 10 hilarious times players got SCARED – ClutchPoints

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The image we have of NBA players is that they are some of the toughest, strongest, and most resolute individuals in the planet. That’s why it’s extra funny whenever we get to see some of them getting scared — for a change.

Below we’ve complied 10 of the best and most hilarious moments in which NBA players are caught in a brief state of panic. For your viewing pleasure:

Old School Milwaukee Bucks Mascot Prank

It’s been nearly a decade since this prank was pulled by the Milwaukee Bucks mascot, but it simply doesn’t get old. In truth, the reactions below pale in comparison to the others we have in store, but we also put this on here as an ode to the late great Kobe Bryant. Look at how locked in the Black Mamba is as he walks to the locker room — he doesn’t even flinch.

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Romeo Langford Rookie Initiation

Rookie initiations are a longstanding traditions in NBA teams. This one below features Boston Celtics rookie Romeo Langford, who gets punked by veteran guard Marcus Smart. The look on Langford’s face when he sees the bill is priceless. Who wouldn’t be scared if you had to pay that much for a ton of Mexican food?

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Snakes in a Cooler Prank

The Phoenix Suns love their pranks, and unfortunately for their players, they always seem to be the victims. Below is one of their greatest hits, with some of their guys literally jumping in fear when they see what’s inside the cooler.

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Phoenix Suns at it Again

Even better than the snakes in a cooler prank is the Suns Gorilla in a trash bin bit. He got the better of a umber of players, but he’s lucky to have not been seriously hurt by Gerald Green, who let’s just say, turns out to be one tough dude.

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Jason Maxiell is One Scary Man

This one does not actually involve an NBA player getting scared, but it does feature one (an ex-player) putting the absolute fear of god on a fellow CBA player. To be fair to Maxiell, he did get hit flush with an intentional elbow to the head, which obviously caused him to see red shortly afterward. The perpetrator is seen running for his life once he saw that Maxiell was out to get his head.

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The Mannequin Prank

Here’s a great one courtesy of the NBA Store. Mannequins are already scary as they are (Google autonomatophobia), so it’s quite understandable how one would get freaked out with a moving mannequin head. Jeremy Lin and Dwight Howard give out the best reactions here.

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The Ultimate Prehistoric Prank

As far as pranks go, this one has got to be the most realistic one. Look at how real that dinosaur looks. At times it even seems like it’s CGI. Ask the Morris twins. They definitely got spooked.

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Al Horford’s Reboundaphobia

For an outstanding rebounder, Al Horford has a very weird reaction whenever he thinks that a ball is about to hit him. He has been caught flinching nervously several times, which has given birth to the term, reboundophobia. See for yourself.

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Tyler Hansbrough Meets His Match

It’s not everyday that you see a player back away from a confrontation. Even more so for an NBA tough guy/team enforcer like Tyler Hansbrough. Then again, you have to take into account that this was Ron Artest aka Metta World Peace he was about to face off here, and when Hansbrough realized the same, he instantly changed his mind about the potential face-off.

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Dwight Howard (again) vs. Houston Rockets Mascot

This is probably the best mascot prank there ever has been simply because of the hilarious reactions it brought about. We have to give special mention to Dwight Howard here and his crazy reaction (check out what happens to his phone) for making this a legendary prank.

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