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“Complete Trash” – Peyton Thompson Slams the NFL Statement on George Floyd’s Death – Essentially Sports

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NFL commissioner Roger Goodell issued a statement condemning the death of George Floyd in police custody. While many supported one of the biggest sporting organizations in America taking a stand, certain individuals slammed the move. 

Peyton Thompson rubbishes the NFL statement over George Floyd’s alleged homicide 

The 29-year-old free agent safety tweeted against the NFL statement and called it “trash.”

“The statement issued by the NFL is complete trash. I specifically remember Tom Coughlin and Doug Marone telling us we couldn’t kneel. Thank God we had an owner of minority who weighed in and got us to kneel together! My job security was on the line if I supported my people.”

Here the safety calls out the then NFL Senior Advisor to football operations, as well as Doug Marrone, who served as Interim head coach for the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2016. He credits minority owner Shad Khan for giving the team the freedom to kneel without fear for their livelihood. 

Thompson is not alone in condemning the NFL statement. He has the support of Houston Texans wide receiver Kenny Stills who replied, “save the bulls**t”

The “taking a knee” was a method of silent protest taken by NFL players during the national anthem. It began with San Francisco 49ers Colin Kaepernick. The quarterback seemingly paid the price for his protests as he is yet to find a new team after entering free agency following the 2016 season. 

Meanwhile, other football stars have raised their voice against the alleged homicide. These include Joe Burrow, Odell Beckham Jr, Ryan Tannehill, DeMarcus Lawrence, and Carson Wentz. However, none of them have been critical over the NFL statement. 

“I Pray For No More” -Odell Beckham Jr Slams George Floyd’s Brutal Lynching

The league, however, has taken steps in support of minorities in recent times. Just last month, the NFL amended the Rooney rule to ensure that minority representation among coaches isn’t limited solely to the interview stage. 

Is this a sign of the NFL actually changing their stance? Or is the statement just a publicity stunt to put the league in a good light?

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