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B/R NFL Staff Bold Predictions for the 2020 Offseason – Bleacher Report

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Gary Davenport, NFL Analyst

The New England Patriots Will Build a New-Look Offense…Filled with Old Men

Tom Brady’s future might be the NFL’s dominant storyline, but it’s one that is (in the words of Shakespeare) full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. The quarterback will be back with the Pats in 2020.

Assuming he is, the priority then becomes upgrading the offensive talent around him. That won’t be easy with limited cap flexibility after re-upping the Golden Boy. But aging veterans such as Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green, 31, and Carolina Panthers tight end Greg Olsen, 34, might sacrifice a little contract cheese for a chance at a ring.

It’s not like the Pats don’t have a history of targeting older free agents.


Tyler Dunne, NFL Features Lead Writer

Tom Brady Re-signs with the Patriots

Yeah, Brady wants to see what he’s worth to other teams for the first time in his career. Yeah, Bill Belichick would probably like to prove he can win with a different QB. Hubris could split the most powerful coach-QB combo ever.

In the end, both sides have to realize they’re best together. The Patriots already have a top-three defense. Go pay up for weapons on offense, and they can run it right on back for Super Bowl No. 7. That is way more attractive than anything any other team could offer Brady.


Mike Freeman, NFL National Lead Writer

Tom Brady Joins the Raiders in Las Vegas

This is more of a wish than anything else. I would love to see Brady transform this organization back into a dominant one. And he’d do it. He’d do it instantly.


Brad Gagnon, NFL Analyst

Tom Brady Will Sign with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I imagine Bruce Arians is looking for an excuse to cut bait with turnover enthusiast Jameis Winston, who threw an absurd 30 interceptions in 2019 and isn’t under contract beyond this winter.

Remember that Arians helped revive Carson Palmer’s career in its late stages, and support wouldn’t be an issue in terms of personnel. Brady would be joining an offense that features arguably the best one-two receiver duo in the NFL in Chris Godwin and Mike Evans, and a team that has the salary-cap space ($85 million) to build on an encouraging finish to the 2019 season (5-3 in its final eight games).

It would make a lot of sense for Tampa Bay to bring in Brady for a year or two while it searches for a long-term option under center.


Matt Miller, NFL National Lead Writer

Tom Brady Signs with…the Patriots

We can speculate about the many places Brady could end his career, but this is about owner Robert Kraft’s desire to never see Brady in another jersey. Unless this comes down to Bill Belichick’s resigning if he isn’t allowed to move on from Brady (can’t see that happening), then the expectation should be that the greatest to ever do it continues to do it where he always has.


Brent Sobleski, NFL Analyst

Philip Rivers Signs with the Indianapolis Colts

Some possible situations make too much sense not to happen.

Since the Chargers moved on from Rivers and he isn’t ready to retire, the 38-year-old quarterback must find a new home (aside from moving permanently to Florida to be closer to his family).

The Colts, meanwhile, are possibly searching for a new quarterback after Jacoby Brissett faded down the stretch. The familiarity Rivers has with the Colts coaching staff can’t be overlooked. Head coach Frank Reich and offensive coordinator Nick Sirianni previously served as the Chargers’ offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach, respectively.

Plus, the possibility of playing behind the game’s best offensive line has to be doubly appealing to the statuesque pocket passer. 


Mike Tanier, NFL National Lead Writer

The Giants Will Sign DE Yannick Ngakoue

Defensive lineman Yannick Ngakoue is all but out the door in Jacksonville and will fetch a premium on the free-agent market. The Giants have cash ($61.3 million in cap space; more once they trim some fluff) and a general manager with a hankerin’ for Hog Mollies. Dave Gettleman and the Giants might get ripped if they splurge on a lineman with a hard-to-spell name, but Ngakoue would be an instant upgrade for a really bad defense.     

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